About Joy Katzen-Guthrie ... Licensing the Music

Katzen and Guthrie Associates, Inc. and Tune-of-the-Century Music® is happy to license
the original music and sound recordings of Joy Katzen-Guthrie
for performance, synchronization, recording, internet, and other projects

For licensing requests, please send an email to joyfulnoise@earthlink.net,
noting in the subject line: "Licensing" or "Licensing Request."

Please indicate your company or name and indicate your project in which you would like to license the music, as well as the specific song(s) or the type of songs you are seeking.

Or you may mail a letter with this information to:
Tune-of-the-Century Music®
P. O. Box 1257
Palm Harbor, FL 34682-1257

Please provide the following information in your request:

  • Your name, company name, address, email address, telephone number
  • Your project name
  • Description of project, including budget information
  • CD title(s) or song title(s) you desire to license or type of material you are seeking
  • Track length(s) of your recording of the song
  • Number of units to be produced
  • Estimated budget and distribution of the project if licensing is not by statutory rate

Mechanical/Statutory Rate Licensing

All individual songs (music and lyrics only, not sound recordings) are available for license at the statutory rate of the US Copyright Act.

As of January 1, 2006 the statutory mechanical rate is 9.10 Cents for songs 5 minutes or less or 1.75 Cents per minute or fraction thereof over 5 minutes.

Songs are licensed at the statutory rate per song and per unit.

There is no minimum number of units required for licensing from us.

Information on the current mechanical (statutory) license rate is at:

Voluntary or Direct Licensing

For use of our sound recordings or original music in film, commercial, visual, or stage projects, compilation CDs, permanent or limited use digital downloads, on-demand streaming, website or internet broadcast, television or radio projects, podcast, or ringtone, and for non-profit organization projects, we will individually negotiate a voluntary or direct license for synchronization rights.

Please let us know of your project and your proposal for use of our music or recordings and we will make arrangements with you immediately.

We are grateful for your interest in using our music within your projects.

General nformation on the legal aspects of Song and Sound Recording Licensing is available from the Recording Industry Association of America at:

We highly recommend the website of the Harry Fox Agency (http://harryfox.com/) for general licensing information. Please note, however, that the music of Joy Katzen-Guthrie is not within the Harry Fox Agency roster of music for licensing at this time.

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