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The Internet Movie Database: A massive database in which you may search any name or title and receive extensive links to actors, director, full cast and crew, reviews, awards and nominations, plut summary, quotes, trivia, release dates, filming locations, technical specifications, promotional posters, links, and taglines, and even more. An incredible service, offered at no fee. (http://us.imdb.com/)

The American Film Institute features sections on AFI lifetime achievement awards, film surveys, legends, and a film cinema, plus the work of AFI, which restores film classics and provides seminars, historical exhibits, workshops, and a variety of film studies. (http://www.AFI.com/)

A radio show about television? Anything's possible, when you climb aboard the TV Time Machine hosted by TV historian Jim Benson. It's a fast-paced and fun-filled look at classic (and sometimes not-so-classic) television moments from the past fifty years. TV Time Machine explores individual shows, celebrities and topics appealing to Baby Boomers and Gen Xers alike. Each week, a different classic TV show or topic is highlighted with celebrity guests, vintage audio clips, and caller questions. The site is also a fantastic resource on television history. http://www.tvtimemachine.com/

The extensive and visually powerful PBS site offers historical and background information on the massive collection of current and past programs and their subjects that have been broadcast on Public Broadcasting Stations. Search the database to locate details of shows currently running on PBS stations or shows that have been featured over previous years. http://www.pbs.org/

One of the largest and most beneficial websites on the internet, in my estimation, the NPR internet pages include a monumental archive of programs and features broadcast on National Public Radio for more than a decade. Search this website to locate and listen to broadcasts and features on any subject NPR has presented. There simply are not enough hours in a lifetime to hear the incredible collection of reports and programs that are made available as a free service to listeners on this website. http://www.npr.org/

The amazing Museum of Television and Radio examines the cultural, creative, and social significance of television, radio, and emerging platforms for the professional community and media-interested public. MTR collects programming [radio shows, television programs, and commercial advertisements in both media] and makes that programming available to the general public. From their libraries in New York and LA, you can choose a program from the collection, then watch or listen to it at a console — individually, or with up to four people at a family console, as well as in full theatre screenings. http://mtr.org/

Check out my good friend Lora Cain, with whom I have sung and shared a voice over career. It was Lora who first encouraged me to sing professionally. She has one of the finest voices in the biz, and you can hear it here: (http://www.loracain.com/)

If you're a lover of Old Time Radio Shows, like me, then you'll love OTRCAT.com, which is dedicated to the preservation of the golden era of radio (old time radio). OTRCAT.com offers vast resources about nostalgic radio shows in every format from action/adventure to mystery, comedy, children's, musical, holiday, soaps, western, sports, drama, and more. As well as hearing thousands of old time radio episodes online, you can stream or download full episodes in Mp3 format as well as read detailed descriptions of the performers and series that were broadcast in the Golden Age of Radio (1920's – 1959). Check out the "daily downloads," where there are the broadcasts of the day throughout history (from the last 50-70+years). A great resource, highly recommended.

If you're a fan of Old Time Radio, here is another site for you. The site provides information on hundreds of old time radio shows, big band music broadcasts, and reference materials, plus sound clips, links, photographs, histories, and events associated with old time radio. (http://www.old-time.com/)

Class Act is a marvelous resource site dedicated to the Golden Years of Hollywood. Search or Browse hundreds of Classic Movie Musicals and other Classic Films. You can also buy movies and collectibles here if you choose. Visit http://www.classicmoviemusicals.com/classact.htm

One of the finest services ever created, in my opinion, Turner Classic Movies provides extensive data, restoration, and broadcast from an archive of more than a century of films in existence today. Many have been saved through the efforts of this organization and have been broadcast on the TCM network when unavailable from any other source in the world. Search the current schedule of programs as well as the enormous database. http://www.tcm.com/

The Movie Cliches List: An entertaining site containing movie cliches, stereotypes, and flaws.

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