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An exquisite site and an invaluable gift to the community developed by the J. Paul Getty Trust, offering an extensive collection of exhibitions, student art, galleries, lesson plans and curriculum ideas, reading rooms, publications, arts education and museum resource links, search engines, and arts talk. Focusing on helping arts educators, general classroom teachers using the arts in their curriculum, museum educators, and university faculty involved in art education, ArtsEdNet uses the Internet to disseminate information and encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences. A beautiful site. (http://www.artsednet.getty.edu/)

ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, features information on this performing rights organization's membership as well as numerous articles on songwriting and the music business, award-winning songwriters and worldwide musical events. (http://www.ascap.com/)

All about BMI, Broadcast Music, Inc., its work as a performing rights company representing songwriters, film, television, musical theatre and classical music composers and music publishers, its workshops, showcases, foundations, awards, and the business of music and music legislation. (http://www.bmi.com/)

SESAC (http://www.sesac.com/) considers itself the most innovative performing rights organization in the U.S. Find out why at this home site, and see songwriter profiles, legislative information, SESAC repertory, music industry information, and writer/publisher news.

The U.S. Copyright Office site provides forms for copyright of all works as well as useful information on what can be copyrighted and highlights of international copyright laws. (http://www.loc.gov/copyright/)

The Harry Fox Agency (http://www.harryfox.com) provides an information source, clearinghouse and monitoring service for licensing musical copyrights. The Agency licenses a large percentage of the uses of music in the United States and on a worldwide basis. The site answers questions about music licensing and offers an excellent links page of music publishers, music rights societies, songwriting and copyright information, and music industry resources. The database of over 2 million songs is invaluable as an information resource on songwriters, performers, recordings, lyrics, and sheet music.

For over 30 years, Steven Halpern has touched the lives of millions with his healing music. Renowned for its ability to relax and soothe the body, his recordings create an uplifting ambience, evoking feelings of peace, joy and well-being. Halpern's music is used worldwide in homes, hospices, hospitals, schools, and businesses. An award-winning composer, recording artist, author, educator and researcher, he has released over 60 albums and has written numerous essays and books on the emotional and physical effects of music. One of the most influential New Age recording artists of all time. (http://www.innerpeacemusic.com/)

Just Plain Folks (http://www.justplainfolks.org/) Songwriting and Music Networking Organization, based in the Tampa Bay area, is a community of over 25,000 Songwriters, Recording Artists, Music Publishers, Record Labels, Performing Arts Societies, Educational Institutions, Recording Studios and Engineers, Producers, Legal Professionals, Publicists and Journalists, Publications, Music Manufacturers and Retailers and about every other member of the Music Industry. Their motto is.... We're all in this together! Check out their excellent music resources, or join the independent music forum on the site for heads-up on music events/resources/contacts around the country.

Visionary Music ... spiritually guided music for those working on their path of conscious evolution. Visionary Music is dedicated to the evolution of creativity through the arts and technology. With a global vision of a positive future through creative freedom, this music merges the primal and the sacred to empower a planetary Renaissance. (http://www.visionarymusic.com/)

Positive Songs: Manifest Your Dream Life (http://www.happyrnb.com) Supporting positive songs, books, and articles. Why was "Happy" so popular? What are examples of commercial pop songs with positive messages? A helpful site for musicians, performers, and radio programmers seeking ideas for positive pop songs.

Florida folk/blues artist Shana Smith and 2002 Grammy nominee for Best Children's Recording, otherwise known as ShanaBanana , probably could've been a great stand-up comedian, but lucky for us, she's been writing, performing, and recording her music throughout Florida for a number of years. And she is one of the best. From her terrific shows for children and her performances on Disney radio, to her music about Florida Crackers and Seminole folk stories, she is truly an original. Experience Shana at one of our In the Round & On the Road performances, as well as in performance with the Women Musicians' Alliance and in a busy schedule that includes open mic nights, festivals, and concerts in numerous venues throughout the country. (http://www.shanabanana.com)

The music of my friend, the Wild, Wacky, Witty, Wonderful, and Goofy Cali Rose, is heard internationally on the Dr. Demento Show. Are you looking for funny, clever, witty and totally original songs that will put a smile on your face? Look no further ... Songs like "It's a P.M.S. Kind Of Day" and "Pooey, Pooey, Pooey, It's Christmas" say it all ... (www.calirose.com)

Home of the Cindy Alter Band (http://www.cindyalter.com/). Cindy is an L.A. treasure, a beautiful performer with a great voice, great songs, and great messages. Cindy's voice powered the South African band Clout during a four-year Top Ten reign in Germany, England, Holland, France, Switzerland, New Zealand and Africa with their 10-million selling album. She shared stages with Van Halen, The Police, Rod Stewart and Blondie. Now Cindy lives in L.A., focuses on her songwriting, and performs to capacity crowds at L.A. venues. Sample her music, check out her performance schedule, and read of her work at this home site.

Folk Artist Iris DeMent is one of the most honest writers and moving performers in the business. Read her lyrics, view her pics, and experience her music here. (http://www.irisdement.com/)

Florida folk singer/songwriter Jeanie Fitchen (http://www.jfitchen.com/) has enchanted audiences since the age of thirteen. She was nominated for a 2001 Grammy Award for her most recent album, Roads. I have had the privilege of performing with Jeanie, and she deserves the numerous accolades she has received for the richness of her voice, the honesty of her interpretations, and the stunning beauty of her songs that explore the depth of the land and nature and the moving legacies of the American peoples.

A really neat site that offers a loving tribute to Dean Martin, The Official Dean Martin Fan Center shares the memories, photos, and stories of Dean Martin, taking you on a virtual time trip through his life. Everything's here, from radio to TV to movies to discs to Rat Pack, to Martin & Lewis, to Steubenville ... and the site grows more every day. (http://www.deanmartinfancenter.com/index.html)

Florida singer/songwriter Mindy Simmons combines folk, blues and jazz to create moving, charming, and often just plain hilarious songs about our lives. With a delightful and fun stage presence, she immediately makes an audience feel like old friends. Mindy has been part of our In the Round & On the Road tour. Much of her work benefits charitable causes in which she deeply believes. She is a respected songwriter and sought-after artist at festivals throughout the country. (http://www.mindysimmons.com/)

Composer, conductor, and comic performer Craig Parsons brings innovative communication and team engagement techniques to modern business settings with Orchestrating the Future: a series of cutting edge performances, keynotes and seminars about the inspiration of dynamic leadership and fulfillment of focused passion. Read more at http://www.orchestratingthefuture.com/

Tampa Bay's Kevin Frye Entertainment provides bands of all sizes and deejays of all styles in every region of Florida, including specialties such as Jewish, Latino, Country, Metal, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Bluegrass, Polka, Oldies, and more. Visit http://www.kevinfryeentertainment.com

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