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Ever find yourself seeking a Zip Code or an Area Code? Two excellent online resources are available to assist.
https://www.unitedstateszipcodes.org allows a search by address, city, or county to obtain the correct zip code.
https://www.allareacodes.com/ allows a search by number to determine a city, or search by number or city to obtain an area code.

The National Center for Education Statistics has created its National Education Index for students interested in pursuing undergraduate and graduate programs in the US. This outstanding resource provides data from more than 19,000 educationa programs at 2,240 universities across America is included on the site, allowing college students to consider a variety of opportunities related to American undergraduate and graduate schools. Information is available from lists of college programs as well as lists of campus and online schools.

A beautiful site containing the Library of Congress archives, an online gallery, library services, forms and information from the U.S. Copyright Office, and events and features from the nation's library. https://www.loc.gov

The U.S. Postal Service: An excellent resource for rates, zip codes, tracking, stampsonline, and other information that is generally far easier to locate here than by phone or catalog. https://www.usps.gov

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: The PTO is the non-commercial federal entity in charge of the examination and issuance of patents and the examination and registration of trademarks. This site is a wonderful resource, offering all of the forms and information necessary to apply for patent and trademark, as well as a database of issued and pending trademark/patent registrations, saving a great deal of time and expense for the applicant. Easy to navigate and updated daily with new registration information as well as legislative updates. https://www.uspto.gov

Snopes.com: A resource site of thousands of urban legends organized by subject and popularity. Run a search on a topic, name, quote, or excerpt from an email or article to locate excellent research that will tell you whether the information is accurate or a hoax. An essential resource that should be used to determine the accuracy of ANY email or article before forwarding. http://www.snopes.com

Explore the biographies in the National Women's Hall of Fame,
as well as the history of the women's rights movement

The National Women's History Project, an excellent resource for women's history organizations, projects, events, links, and programs around the nation. http://www.nwhp.org

Today in History. Select any date and find out historic events and birth dates from that day in history. http://www.scopesys.com/today/

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