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The New Thought Movement, with which Unity, The Church of Religious Science (no association with the Church of Scientology), and other metaphysical congregations are connected, is based on the healing power of prayer and meditation for all people, regardless of faith or nationality. The Unity Church was founded in 1889 in Kansas City, Missouri, by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore after they witnessed the remarkable healing from prayer and affirmations. Unity grew from small prayer circles in living rooms to the worldwide movement it is today, employing positive spiritual messages of hope, healing, prosperity, and peace.

In Joy's home base in the Tampa Bay area, the following Unity, Religious Science, and New Thought resources are available:

Unity of Clearwater, Clearwater
Unity Now, Clearwater
Temple of Light Metaphysical Spiritual Center of Clearwater
New Awareness Ministries, International, Clearwater
College of Metaphysical Studies, Clearwater
Unity Community Church, Dunedin
Center for Conscious Living, Largo
Temple of Mystic Light of Largo
Unity of Palm Harbor, Palm Harbor
Sanctuary of Light Metaphysical Chapel of New Port Richey
Unity Truth Center, Port Richey
Crimson Moon Books & More, Safety Harbor
Unity of Sarasota, Sarasota
First Unity of St. Petersburg
Temple Hayes, Unity Minister, St. Petersburg
Unity Campus, St. Petersburg
Unity Church of St. Petersburg
Wings Bookstore, St. Petersburg
Unity Minister Rev. Alan Rowbotham, St. Petersburg
Unity of Tampa, Tampa
New Life Unity Church, Tampa
Harmony Spiritual Life Center of Tampa
Unity South Shore of Ruskin
Unity Spiritual Center of Sun City Center
Meditation & Buddhism in Tampa Bay

The HungerSite: Feed the Hungry. Wouldn't you like to be able to feed the hungry for FREE? Now you can. The Hunger Site will allow you to feed a hungry person every day at no cost to you. All you have to do is click a single link, and the site's sponsors will make a donation to the United Nations World Food Program. You'll also find facts about world hunger and links to related Web sites. Drop by The Hunger Site every day and one less person will go hungry that day. http://www.thehungersite.com

It takes less than one minute to visit the Animal Rescue Site and click "Feed an Animal in Need" for free. Corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. You'll also find a wealth of valuable information about your animals and caring for them on this beautiful site. (http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/)

Take action in your world to promote a variety of environmental and humanitarian causes at http://www.care2.com, including Eco News, healthy tips, petitions, and donations generated by your free clicks to advertisers' links.

Descriptions of 63 religious faith groups and ethical systems worldwide, from the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance: http://www.religioustolerance.org/var_rel.htm

Gaia is Mother Earth, and the GaiaMind Project is dedicated to exploring the idea that humanity is Earth becoming aware of itself. GaiaMind affirms the Great Spirit of Oneness found at the heart of all the world's great spiritual traditions. What is most important may not be what we believe, but what we all share when we meditate and pray together. Visit this extensive site (http://www.gaiamind.com/) for a collection of hundreds of current and historical spiritual writings from representatives of faiths worldwide and for scientific charts and information that support the amazing effects of this convergence of worldwide prayer.

The Interfaith Alliance Foundation: (http://www.interfaithalliance.org/) is a diverse group of Americans who have come together to fight religious intolerance, support spiritual diversity and challenge the manipulation of religious principles in order to support political agendas.

From the International Association of Near-Death Studies, a fascinating collection of personal and descriptive articles by numerous individuals worldwide who have had near-death experiences, as well as articles, poetry, and religious commentaries on the afterlife. (http://www.near-death.com/)

Beyond the Veil: A Near-Death Experiencer Answers Quesions Most People Are Afraid to Ask (http://www.BeyondtheVeil.net/). Writer Diane Goble experienced a Life After Life Experience during the summer of 1971 while rafting with her husband and children in the mountains of northern Georgia on the Chatahootchie River. The raft was trapped in a hydraulic, a white-water phenomena, against the rocks. Diane was thrown out between the raft and the rocks, with the suction of the hydraulic motion pulling her under. She knew she was going to die. She felt the water pull her under and everything went black. For a moment... The next thing she knew, she was above the river, looking down at the raft stuck against the rocks below. And, suddenly, she was whisked away and found herself traveling rapidly through a vortex. Diane's gripping story continues in detail in this site as well as in her book, Through the Tunnel. She is my friend and I have read her excellent book and highly recommend it. Diane's site is also an excellent source of extensive information on questions asked about near-death experiences, last wishes/legal forms/wills, counseling, caregiver links, and death & dying links.

Shirley Knapp, creator of Northwinds Productions (http://www.northwindsprod.com/) features on her site a collection of teachings through multidimensional communications in workshops, classes and insights. Her mission of healing, loving, serving, and transforming others is evident in her extensive research, stories, and life's work

Enhanced Healing Through Music provides relaxation music for every mood, enhanced relaxation DVDs for well-being and reduction of stress, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem. The site also contains a variety of articles on health and wellness at http://www.enhancedhealing.com.

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