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"Joy was fabulous! What a gift she has – and is – to all who are fortunate enough to hear her speak/perform. She is off the chart!"  •   "Joy is a delightful, extremely talented presenter. Her warmth and knowledge are outstanding — Her concert was the best!"   •   "Great as ever — we Love Joy!!!" •  "Joy did it again. Exceptional!!!" ~Eckerd College Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and Elderhostel Participants, 2008 and 2009


Joy prepares a moving message, meditation, and live music selection for your services that are personal and appropriate for your congregation. Her specialties include exceptional interfaith concerts, power workshops, engaging classes, interactive lectures, and introspective house concerts ... magnificent opportunities for members of the congregation and the community to meet her personally and experience an intimate musical event.


  • Passages of Joy Katzen-Guthrie: A Joyous Musical Celebration: uplifting songs and stories of the human experience
  • Highlights and History of America's musical theatre ... Tin Pan Alley, Vaudeville, Broadway, & Hollywood
    America's Musical Legacy ... Three centuries of musical highlights from America's social, political, and historical experience
  • Sound Mind & Body - physical and emotional health & well being through music and positive sound
  • A Celebration of the Soul: inspirational and uplifting music from around the world
  • The Heart & History of Jewish Music: Ten centuries of Jewish songs and themes from around the world
  • Songs of Our Sisters: Music for, about, and by women
  • The Music of Our Miracles and the Miracle of Our Music: Miraculous stories of human emotional and historic experience as told through song
  • The Jews of China, China: Land of Myth and Mystery, From Silk Road to Shanghai

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Access Joy's online Promotional Kit for downloadable bio, references, testimonials, photos, reviews, press clippings, and other detailed information.

Inspiring and uplifting songs and stories about harmony & balance, empowerment, transformation, and human history and experience from generation to generation. Musical programs that transcend genre to explore and inspire awareness, change, creativity, diversity and tolerance, open-mindedness, balance, unity, gratitude, rejuvenation, abundance & prosperity, reward and loss, celebration, flexibility, individual and communal strength, compassion, spiritual expression, and unlimited possibility. Heartwarming, emotional, powerful, life-changing — these presentations have been enjoyed by diverse audiences of all ages.

An active repertoire of some 3,000 songs with stories, history, and background of composers & lyricists, shows, films, and eras of music that span historical, 19th century, Tin Pan Alley, Vaudeville, Broadway, Film, Ragtime, Jazz, Blues, Dixieland, Swing, The American Songbook, Hit Parade, 50s and 60s Pop, 70s and 80s Pop, Country, Children's, Holidays, Themes, Recurrents and Currents. An amazing versatility and dexterity with virtually any era of popular music in addition to hundreds of original songs that fill an evening and bring time to a standstill.

A fascinating and sensitive participatory program that explores sounds and music of all genres and cultures to discover its benefit for the physical and emotional self. Exercises in listening to sounds of nature, wildlife, and technology; tonal and atonal composition; Eastern and Western musical influences; rhythm-dance-movement; music journaling. Examination of decades of studies of music and its effect in physical, emotional, and intellectual well being; Overview of ancient to modern musical performance and composition techniques and the use of voice, instrument, harmony, and rhythm to affect body and mood; music samples of choral, chant, baroque, classical, new age, meditative, Eastern, European, 20th century, 12-tone, popular, vocal, jazz, romantic and impressionist composition and more. Recorded samples, live performance, and audio-visual materials included.

Theatres, Concert Halls, Fine Arts Center Programs, Museums, Galleries, Congregations, Corporate, Motivational, Fundraisers, Seminars, Conferences, Venues of every size

Music, lectures or concert/lectures for entertainment, networking, motivational, training, planning, and social event, for healthcare, educational, spiritual, social service, civic, arts, medical, environmental, and politlcal events of every scope.

Joy also presents programs with master musicians of every instrument, enriching every occasion with fine musical artistry and a repertoire of inspiring, joyous, and uplifting music. Whether it be a program for thousands or an intimate gathering, a festive celebration, or a program of classical or other music for quiet moments, every event is treated with special care to provide the most fitting and memorable music.

Artist-in-Residence; Scholar-in-Residence; Guest Presenter or Musician with Special Music or Special Music/Message for Worship Services or Spiritual Gatherings; Worship Leader with an entire morning or evening service prepared for your congregation with music, meditation, and message; Spiritual Centers; Relationship Workhops; Life Events; Dinners; Fundraisers; Themed Events; Classes for Youth; Adult Education; Audio-Visual Lecture Programs; Concerts; Concert/Lectures; Cantorial Music; Guest Speaker; Motivational Events

Hospice, Meditation, Reatreats, Spas, Hospitals, Relaxation Facilities, Music Therapy, Stress Relief, Health Services, Sound Therapy, Yoga, Elder Care, Day-Care Centers

Motivational concert or concert/lecture programs, Music and lecture programs for healing, beneficial uses of music for emotional and phsyical renewal and growth, Creating shift in life, emotion, and environment through music, Themed programs, Spiritual awareness and inspiration, Empowerment, Faith & Strength, Being Authentically You, Celebrating the Musical Soul, A Joyous Musical Celebration, The Music of Our Miracles and the Miracle of Our Music, Song of the Soul: Music and Miracles, Music and Miracles through Jewish Eyes, the Divine Self

Concert/Lecture Classes, Concerts, Showcases, Coffeehouses, Festivals, Worship Services

An extremely diverse and oustanding selection of classes, concerts, and lecture/concerts for adult learning, with live performance, handouts, and prepared audio/visual materials. See a more complete list of these classes and programs.

Conferences, Seminars, Dinners, Fundraisers, Dances, National and International Meetings & Conventions, Music tailored specifically to your special event: Art Galleries, Formal Events, Grand Openings, Sales Events, Promotions, Hotels, Restaurants, Open Houses, Boutiques, Seasonal Shows, Trade Shows, Retirements, Holiday Parties, Hospitality & Tourism, Fashion Shows, Company Milestones, Groundbreaking Ceremonies, Social Service, Country Club Gatherings, Cruises, Theme Parties & Travel, Hotels, Catered Events, Advertising & Public Relations Gatherings

Music tailored specifically to your special event: Local & National Functions, Volunteer/Staff Recognition Programs, Historical Societies, Religious & Health Foundations, Fundraisers, Civic Events, Honors, Arts Events, Museums, Galleries, Environmental Awareness, Historical Themes

Music and lectures or concert/lectures for living communities of all cultures and all ages, including Adult Communities, Retirement Homes, Hospitals, Neighborhood Gatherings. Special Events, Holidays

Simchas (Celebrations), B'nei Mitzvah (Bar or Bat Mitzvah), Wedding, Birth Event, Anniversary, Bris, Birthday, Graduation, Friendship, Retirement, Homecoming, Housewarming, Dinners/Luncheons, Parties, Welcome & Farewell Events, Funerals and Memorial Service, Family Reunion, Holidays, Neighborhood Events

Turn your Friday evening Bat/Bar Mitzvah or Wedding Rehearsal Dinner into a magical Shabbat celebration. Music and words designed to star members of your family in a unique and touching program never to be forgotten. For details, email Joy at, or call Joyce Hartmann at 813-253-6594.

Programs For Children of All Ages, Artist Residencies, Programs of Humanities, Music Appreciation, History, Cultural Music, Diversity-Acceptance-Tolerance, Making Music a Career, Being Your Authentic Self, Question-and-Answer, and Sing-Along for all ages. Of Musical Note involves musicians who play and explain their instruments and involve children in the music. Programs for Elementary & High School, Hillel, Jewish Community Centers, Day Camps, Summer Camps, Retreats, School Classes & Assemblies, Child Care Facilities. Single Programs, Program Series, Continuing Artist Visits, or Artist-in-Residencies which place Joy in the school for several sessions that allow children to explore their creativity and discover their musical interests. Programs include live performance, question-and-answer, play-along and sing-along, and audio-visual materials as desired. Family programs with both parents and children also may be added during the day or evening. Program lengths vary according to age groups; programs are tailored for the age group and are recommended most highly for K-6.

City Festivals, Cultural Enrichment Programs, Beach Gatherings, Holidays, Folk Festivals, Youth Events, Park Activities, Environmental & Nature Themed Events, Colleges & Universities

The acclaimed program created by Joy for Unity Center For Today in Tampa featuring an evening of live musical entertainment monthly, with acclaimed folk, stage, country, pop, new age, new thought, gospel, barbershop, Americana, ethnic, and jazz singer/songwriters, soloists, and ensembles, plus displayed works of outstanding visual artists including painting, multi-media arts, ceramic and sculpture, jewelry, photography, lithography, fabric and weaving, and much more. A dynamic and celebratory treat for the ears and eyes every month.

Joy's intimate songwriters-in-the-round series featuring writer/performers of every genre, style, and outlook trading original songs and stories both individually and as part of the group. The exchange is a spontaneous delight for the participants and audience, as each writer speaks, sings, and sparks a continuing conversation between performers and audience, inspiring a one-of-a-kind weave of music in the moment. Not to be missed.

Active session musician and vocalist, recording artist, spoken word recordings, broadcast and voice over talent

For bookings/information, please contact Joy at:
Tune-of-the-Century Music®, 727-785-4568 (Tampa Bay Area)  •  800-354-1302

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