ALUMNAE CLASS of '80 PHOTOS from Joy's Collection

Remember those annual yearbook photo sales on campus, when we could buy the used or unused pictures from the yearbook for about 10 cents each? Here are some of those photos that I purchased at the time. You'll recognize some from Stephensophias ca. 1976-1978, but some of them were never used in the yearbook. Enjoy! ~Joy

Joy's Stephens Photo Collection of Stephensophia Yearbook Pics

(Above) Madame Butterfly Rehearsal with
(left to right) Judith Auer, Judith Anthony, Earl Coleman, Howard Ashley, 1976-77

Beverly Nick, Music Faculty, ca. 1976

Beverly Nick, Music Faculty, ca. 1977

Stephens Showcase, 1978
(top row, left to right) Elaine Bakakos, Jane Boone, Gena Bardwell, Kim Bowen, Robin Oberdorfer, Alysson Beasley
(bottom row, left to right) Andrea Beasley, Susannah Gaines, Jane Knopf, Joy Katzen, Saundra English

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Photos of Stephens from Vicki Vlach '79 (Page 29)
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Reunion 2005 (Page 60) from Linda Podas Chapman '65
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Reunion 2006 (Page 87) from Margaret Hitzmann Horn '81

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