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Photos from Joy Katzen-Guthrie '80 ... I had a terrific time at Reunion '08, celebrating the Class of '78's Thirtieth! Although the '80 alumnae were only a handful in number since we are a couple of years away from our own class reunion, it was fantastic seeing so many of the '77, '78, and '79-ers – who gathered en masse thanks to the tireless efforts of Janeen Bjork, Alumnae Class of '78 President.

It was definitely like old times, seeing so many faces from the late '70s at Stephens ... especially since some of those faces (like Janeen's) haven't gained a wrinkle in 30 years. Take a look below and in the following pages ...

ALUMNAE LUNCHEON & FACULTY BISTRO ... Lela Raney Wood Ballroom, April 25, 2008
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(L to R): Joy Katzen-Guthrie '80, Janeen Bjork '78, Anne Pedersen '80,
Liz Kroeker Wells '79, Jeannette Poillon '78

(L to R): June Rose Garrott '51 and (faculty) Donald Scruggs, Tom Dillingham, Judith Clarke

Tiger Hotel, Downtown Columbia • April 25, 2008

(L to R): Maggie Meier '80, Cindy Hayes-Worthy Class of '78, M. Anne Murphy '78

(L to R): Kate Henry '78, Liz Kroeker Wells '79, Diana Mingauw Johnson '78

(L to R): Anne Pedersen '80, Lucy Walker Shaffer '78, Linda Bower '79

(L to R): Anne Pedersen '80, Lucy Walker Shaffer '78, Linda Bower '79

(L to R):Martha Sheets Kempf '77, Kathy (Howton) Brooks '78, Janet Lynas Loper '78,
Leslie White Clay '79, Maggie Meier '80, Jennie Shadbolt Farmer '79

(L to R): Nancy Svoboda '77, Deb Conard Baldwin '77 , Ardith Hamilton Kirchhoff '78

(L to R): Jennie Shadbolt Farmer '79, Leslie White Clay '79, Stuart Saxton Williams '78

(L to R): Nancy Byouk Marshall '79, Marilyn Bagen Sager '78, Martha Harry '78

(L to R): Dennis Garvin, Mary Ann Tyrrell '79, Judy Taylor Preston '78, Walter Preston, Betsy Metzger '79, Mary Ellen Johnson George '78

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