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What Is Extraordinary About Our Tours ...?

A Tour of China with Regent China Travel is a unique experience of China in value and in your discovery of Chinese culture, history, and beauty, designed to be a superior experience of China in every way. Our itineraries are constantly updated to include new sights and activities in the vast changing scope of China, and each of our tours are personalized and designed to uniquely meet the needs and desires of each group. All of our tours, especially Joy's Jewish Heritage Tours, are designed to place you in the center of Chinese culture among the people of China. We will never fly you in and out of a city for a few hours. You will always have an opportunity to walk among the people and the historic districts, see the markets, meet families, visit temples, palaces, landmarks, museums, and historic sites of every size and kind. When you arrange a private tour with us, we weigh every option with you to create an itinerary that is perfect for you, advising you of all the possibiliites from food, location, and hotels to travel dates, activities, pace, and special interests.

We want you to leave China feeling you have experienced
the most extraordinary tour of your life. To that aim, we will do everything in our power to make your travel comfortable, memorable, and a joyous experience. Your cost includes virtually everything. Travel, meals, guides, and all scheduled activities are included in the price. You will discover that a great many things have been added to your tour to make it special at no cost to you.

Sharing wine, challah, and a shehechiyanu on China's Great Wall
Photo ©2001 Joy Katzen-Guthrie. All Rights Reserved.

Our Unique Chinese-Jewish Soup

We say our tours are like a Chinese soup with Jewish vegetables. The foundation of the tours is China. No matter what, we want you to fully experience Chinese history, Chinese heritage, the Chinese people, and the beauty of the land of China. Our Jewish Heritage Tours of China retain the experience of the real China — the broth and the noodles of our soup. Simultaneously, we do not skimp on our Jewish vegetables. Our tours are joined by scholars of Sino-Judaic history and filled with fascinating discussions of Jewish interest. You are mishpochah in China ... honored family members, a very part of the Jewish communities you are visiting. We include Shabbat services and special events with each Jewish community we visit. You'll leave China with a knowledge of the insightful background of more than a millennium of Jewish experience in this historic land. You will have seen the important Jewish landmarks and artifacts that are available to be seen in each city you visit. You will have met members of the Jewish communities and shared in their spiritual life. We consider all of these experiences essential to our Jewish Heritage Tours.

With our glatt kosher tours, we work with Chabad of China and with kosher faciliites to provide the highest quality kosher food in both taste and purity. You reside in hotels that are within walking distance of Chabad-Bejing, the Jewish Center of Shanghai, Chabad-Pudong, or Chabad of Hong Kong, in addition to receiving the finest amenities among hotels in the country.

Meeting children on the Jin Family Farm Site in Kaifeng
Photo ©2002 Joy Katzen-Guthrie. All Rights Reserved.

We believe in really seeing a city when you visit that city. Our itineraries are carefully planned, with time in each city to fully take in the sights and Jewish history and to enjoy and digest what you see. We'll give you opportunities to visit the historic sights, walk the city streets, meet people in their homes and villages, enjoy Shabbat with China's Jewish communities, share wine, challah, and blessings on the Great Wall, see artisans creating their many beautiful crafts, enjoy acrobatic and opera performances and cruise beautiful rivers and lakes, walk streets where Jews lived for centuries, soak in the culture of this land and its Jewish history in its outstanding museums, and hear stories, songs, and personal memoirs from some of the finest guides leading tours in China. We'll also give you opportunities to visit the shops and art stores and to take home treasures you may purchase from a once-in-a-lifetime visit to this beautiful country.

Simply stated, I believe Regent China Travel to be the finest tour agency in China. Owned and operated by two Chinese brothers, Yin Shuo and Chunyang Jiang, with decades of expertise in leading tours inside China, this agency is one of the country's finest. Virtually all of Regent's guides are members of its own staff, and all of its staff have been tour guides for years, so they understand fully what the tourist needs and expects of their company and their guides, and they are committed to giving you an outstanding travel experience. Regent contracts a minimal number of services, making the agency itself responsible for all that you experience in China. Thus, they are totally accountable to you. I have seen them bend over backwards to please. They offer outstanding service at excellent prices because there are no third parties between you and them. The agency monitors every step of your tour, whether it is with a group or an individual tour you have created. You can reach any member of the staff throughout China via phone, fax, and internet at any hour of the day or night. They are vigorous in attention to every minute detail. Regent China Tours is not just about tourism. They promote people. They want you to meet the villagers and the local people, to talk comfortably with your guides, to understand the local culture and its inhabitants. As Regent says, The Chinese people view you as ambassadors from the other side of the earth. Your relationship to the people of China is of utmost importance to the staff of Regent China Travel.

If you wish to tailor your tour to your own desires, add extensions to the beginning or end of your tour, join part of a tour instead of the entire tour, book your own airline travel or use frequent flyer miles, change the date of your travel or change your itinerary, create an individual itinerary for you or your family or friends and travel with a personal guide throughout China ~ these are just a few of the things Regent China Tours will do for you. My Jewish Heritage Tours first were created in 2000 and Regent Tours and I have been creating and/or leading them every year since with success, both with national tour groups as well as with special tours created uniquely for individuals, couples, families, organizations and congregations. We have devoted much time and research to our Jewish Heritage Tours and are deeply committed to making them unique cultural, educational, and spiritual experiences for you.

Meeting members of the community of Jewish Descendants of Kaifeng
Photo ©2002 Joy Katzen-Guthrie. All Rights Reserved.


"We just returned from our trip to China and the Yangtze River Cruise. I want you to know that the entire trip was excellent. The hotels were wonderful. The tours were informative and very well planned. The choice of restaurants & meal arrangements were all wonderful. Someday we want to take another Regent cruise. Keep us on your mailing list. If you plan to expand your trips to places outside China, keep us informed of that too. Once again, the China trip was the trip of a lifetime!" ~Marilyn and Robert Rubenstein

"It was a risk for me to travel so far from my own country but it paid back a hundred-fold visiting China with its different foods, exciting culture, and sights such as the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace that were just awesome and breathtaking. You could almost feel the spirits of the Emperors who once ruled and walked those hallowed grounds hundreds of years ago. I participated in the ancient practice of Qigong in the early morning street square with close to a hundred native Chinese people and felt the sacredness and peace of this wonderful spiritual practice. I wasn't considered an outsider but a participant there to learn. My trip to China was a spiritual experience with the beautiful sights, mountainous countryside, interesting and exciting people and culture and last but not least, the wonderful camaraderie I shared with our guides and other tour members that helped bond me and left me grateful to be alive." ~Dianne Schiller

"This was our BEST trip - been to London, England, Japan, Mexico, etc. You looked out for everyone, had everything so well organized, accommodating for special needs, helpful and concerned for everyone's comfort. The trip surpassed our expectations and whatever anxieties we felt were erased from the beginning. We were instantly made to feel comfortable and "taken care of." Thank you for your well-thought-out planning and for being interested in giving the best possible service. You are very successful at what you do!" ~Michelle Durst & Elizabeth Spadaco

"This is a fabulous journey – an unforgettable, lifetime experience. Our guides were wonderful - friendly, knowledgeable, caring and musically gifted!! I'll never forget that our Beijing guide could render Mongolian folk tunes, old American love songs, and Elvis hits with equal expertise. The trip was awesome. It was worth twice the price." ~Sheryl Miller

"Great, Fabulous, complete sensory overload!! I enjoyed everything we saw, did, met, ate, experienced ... etc, etc. A tremendous vacation!!" ~Patricia Gruimer

"China was wonderful. Words cannot express the experience. The beauty of China is magnificent. The people were so accommodating and welcoming. The food was delicious. Our guides were great. Thank you for making this trip possible." ~Joyce Reynolds

"Our tour to China was the most well planned and hassle-free trip I have ever made. I was so impressed with the preparation & planning, down to the smallest detail. Our guides were just the best! The cities we visited gave a broad view of life in China today. The people of China were warm and friendly, contrasting the current view presented in the media. I have been to several countries and never felt safer walking the streets and alleys in the cities of China, including the U.S. Visiting the factories and seeing how the wonderful artists of China make silk rugs, cloisonné, jade, etc. gave us a new appreciation of Chinese products. It was a wonderful trip and we'll be ready to go again." ~M. Allen Moss

"We loved everything about the trip. The tour guides were excellent ... very friendly - the trip was magnificent and really well planned. Regent China Tours thought of everything – big & small. The acrobat performance in Beijing, Peking Duck Dinner and the Dumpling Banquet in Xian were all great. The hotels were excellent and so was Korean Airlines. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!" ~Kathleen Schneider & Lois Phillips

"So many really special moments – at the Great Wall of China, sharing meditation under the trees at the Temple of Heaven, the awesome sight of the Terracotta Warriors and lighting incense in prayer at the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an. Most of all, sharing the experience with a wonderful group of like-minded people. All the tour guides were fantastic – great people, personable, flexible, helping, caring and fun! The tour exceeded my expectations – the sightseeing was spectacular and unforgettable, the hotels were modern and comfortable, the food was good, the tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly, and our tour manager was the best in making sure all the little details were handled." ~Alan A. Rowbotham

"Our time in China was wonderful and we wanted to thank you both for making that possible. Every aspect of the trip went well. We enjoyed the sights, the food (though we did go for Italian tonight) and the company. At each of the stops we were met and hosted perfectly. The guides and drivers were there whenever we got off the boat and planes. The guides were knowledgeable and both the drivers and guides were willing to assist us at all times. We especially appreciated their flexibility in changing schedules to meet our interests and priorities. Flora, your advice re upgrades on the East King was perfect. Thanks. Hopefully, we will return to China soon and travel with you again." ~Carolyn and Steve Koestenblatt

"Thank you with all my heart and soul for the total privilege of visiting China! I am madly in love with the country and its people! The Regent Tour took care of our every need. The accommodations were awesome. The guides fantastic! Of all the trips I've every taken in my life, this was by far the most fulfilling. I totally support and acknowledge you for the great work you are doing for our planet!" ~Rainbow Johnson

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