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JEWISH CHINA: Dini's Kosher Restaurant, Beijing

I thought you would enjoy seeing these photos of Beijing's only glatt kosher eatery, Dini's Restaurant. This is a wonderful new service (opened March 2007) for travelers to and residents of Beijing's Jewish community, and we wish the restaurant's creators and operators many years of success. Under the certification of Rabbi Shimon Freudlich, Dini's Restaurant is Beijing's first Glatt Kosher restaurant. The only independently owned Kosher restaurant in China, Dini’s moderately priced menu offers a complete selection of Chinese food, Western food, and a spectacular sushi bar. For the first time, those who maintain a Kosher diet can enjoy traditional Chinese food via a Chinese banquet of cold appetizers, chicken, beef, fish, fried rice and a selection of fresh vegetables. The Western menu includes soups, salads, steaks and the dishes that your grandmother used to make. The breads, desserts and parve ice cream are all homemade. Is your mouth watering yet? Dini's is across from the New American Embassy and a five-minute walk from the Israeli Embassy. Visit

Mazal Tov!

Download or view a pdf version of the new Dini's menu.
To convert pricing: One Chinese yuan (dollar) = 11 cents US. Seven (7) RMB (Chinese dollars) = approximately one US dollar. Seventy (70) RMB = approximately $10 US.
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