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QUFU [Shandong Province]: Home of the Confucius Family Estate, Cemetery, and Birth Site

We are in Qufu, a city in Shandong Province where Confucius lived much of his life. Three slide shows below highlight the Confucius estate, family cemetery, birth site, and villages in the province. Photos were taken in July 2002. The stunning estate of Confucius stands much as it did during Confucius' life in the 7th century BCE. Walk the paths and buildings in which Confucius lived, studied, taught, and immersed himself in contemplation.

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Photos and slide show ©2002, 2007 by Joy Katzen-Guthrie. All rights reserved.

From the estate of Confucius, we travel now to the Confucius family cemetery, burial site of generations of descendants of the great educator and historian.

Photos and slide show ©2002, 2007 by Joy Katzen-Guthrie. All rights reserved.

Surrounding the city of Qufu in Shandong Province are villages so typical of rural life in China. Visit the market, walk through the villages, the site of Confucius birth, and a sound & light show in the city.

Photos and slide show ©2002, 2007 by Joy Katzen-Guthrie. All rights reserved.

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