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Tour Gallery: TAI-SHAN

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TAI-SHAN [Shandong Province]: Mt. Tai, China  • July 2002

This slide show takes us to the summit of Mt. Tai, one of China's five sacred mountains of Taoism. As one ascends the 6,293 steps to the summit, one encounters exhilarating vistas, dense forests filled with ancient stone inscriptions, and 22 temples, each unique and stunning. Religious worship on this mountain spans some 3,000 years as emperors, Taoist and Confucian monks, disciples and poets, political leaders, travelers from across China and throughout the world have revered this splendid spot. I and my group climbed the mountain some 3,000 steps to a halfway point where we caught a cable car to the uppermost cable dropoff. From there, we ascended the final 500 steps to the summit.

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